What is a Mommy Makeover?


Women go through a lot particularly when having a baby. It isn't that easy to have all these changes occur to your body from carrying a child to giving birth. Oftentimes, the result is a body that's not even close to what it used to be prior to having babies. A mommy makeover is the term used to describe number of procedures that deal with these concerns.

Tummy Tuck

As the baby grows during pregnancy, the mother’s tummy expands. After the birth of the baby the woman’s stomach will become smaller, but some extra skin and stretchmarks can remain permanently. A tummy tuck is intended to reduce the extra skin left behind from a pregnancy.  Additionally, a tummy tuck can oftentimes reduce some or most of the stretchmarks a new mother may have, depending on the location of the stretchmarks.


A pregnancy can leave the new mother with deposits of fat that linger far beyond the birth of her baby. Even when we refer to those extra layers of fat as "baby fat," they can have a large impact on appearance which may really bother some women. Liposuction is a procedure that uses a straw like device to actually suction the fat deposits right out of the belly area and/or the buttocks area.  

Breast Lift or Breast Reduction

Some women may find themselves unhappy with the effects that pregnancy and breast-feeding can have on the breasts.  A breast augmentation is carried out to lift the breasts and round them out. Many women opt to have implants as well to return their breasts closer to their pre-pregnancy appearance.




Feel Your Best with Quick Beauty Tricks
Becoming a mother can wreak havoc on your beauty routines.  Not only do new mothers have physical changes to adjust to, but time constraints often leave little time for sleeping, much less makeup and hairstyling!  However,  many women find that spending just a few minutes each day on hair and makeup can bring about an overall improvement in their mood.  The suggestions below can help incorporate self-care into a mother's busy schedule.

1.  A Simplified Makeup Routine
     Some days there may be no time or desire to apply full makeup, and it is really nice to have a basics-only routine in place.  It only takes a couple of minutes to apply a BB cream to mask any blemishes, sweep some bronzer on for color, curl eyelashes and apply mascara, and use a tinted lip balm.  The little bit of time it takes is well worth it when the result is improved confidence in appearance!

2.  Easy and Quick Hairstyles
     There are amazing tutorials online that demonstrate how anyone can easily put their hair into a stylish updo in only a minute or so.  These sorts of hairstyles are absolutely wonderful when time is at a premium!    This video tutorial shows two styles that are ideal for new moms!


Ideas for a New Mother

It is very common for a new mother to focus so much on caring for her new baby that she ends up neglecting herself.  It is important that friends and family provide gentle reminders about how vital it is that the new mom take time for herself.  A mother who takes time to pamper herself will feel her best and be recharged to take care of her family.  An excellent gift idea for a new mother is a gift certificate for a massage or other spmommy makeovers gifts yoga a service, along with an offer to babysit while she enjoys herself at the spa.  Another option is to give her a gift that enables her to pamper and care for herself while spending time with her baby. There are gift sets available that contain products designed to pamper and care for both mother and baby, as well as create a bonding experience.  Another possibility is an instructional Mommy and Baby yoga DVD which is a gift that will help her feel relaxed and rejuvenated while bonding with baby at the same time!